Featured Product – Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

When you are in a crunch, the Toyota Electric Walkie will get you through it. Its compact frame increases maneuverability for single stacking in tight spaces. The Electric Walkie does not sacrifice strength as a result of its size, however. It can carry up to 4,500 lbs. while moving at 3.6 miles per hour. With an integrated fork scale option, the Electric Walkie uses a digital display to notify the operator of the load weight, which eliminates the need for a stationary scale, saving both time and money. The convenience, maneuverability, and power of the Electric Walkie makes it a great asset in many indoor workplaces.Toyota Electric Pallet Jack guided in a warehouse

The Electric Walkie is also easy to use. The fingertip control of all functions and pinwheel capability makes it easy to move. The intuitive steering system ensures smooth operation, boosting productivity and comfort. The click-to-creep ability allows the Walkie to move slowly for lift gates and crowded docks. The Electric Walkie also has a programmable auto-off system, in case you forget to turn it off. Ease of mind is furthered by the variety of safety features of the Electric Walkie.

The Electric Walkie is assembled with the utmost care to ensure operators and others around remain safe. It is fitted with an electric horn and keyless, password protected entry system, allowing the operator to have complete control over it. It is equipped with an anti-roll back system, ensuring those standing behind the Electric Walkie are safe on slanted surfaces. “Anti-roll back is a great safety feature of the 8HBW23”, Jim Paoletti, Senior Manager of Major Accounts said. Furthermore, the Walkie has an emergency power disconnect and electric horn for unexpected complications. All safety features of the Electric Walkie will help make your workplace safer. The durability of the Toyota Electric Walkie keeps it running for longer periods of time. The regenerative braking and steel wrapped bumper minimize damage to the outer shell of the Walkie. Inside, the steel battery case and stainless steel pins work to keep corrosion away and lengthen its life. Even if the Walkie suddenly dies, the standard electronic brake release allows the Walkie to move without charge. The durability of this lift will save you money and keep productivity high.

The Electric Walkie is designed to move products easily, comfortably, and conveniently. Efficient and made to last, the Toyota Electric Walkie is a helpful addition to many indoor fleets.