Meet the BattMedic and MiniMedic


  • On-site forklift battery repair
  • Fast results
  • Significantly reduces cost
  • Patented repair algorithm
  • Intuitive reporting
A minimedic performing battery repair

What does the Battmedic Do?

Evaluates a Lead-Acid Traction battery and eliminates serviceable sulfation through a patented repair algorithm. Operating on a 120V, 20Amp circuit utilizing a customer supplied charger, the unit is portable and can operate directly within the battery room environment. An automated process provides for an initial load test to benchmark battery performance followed by sequence of propriety repair cycles and a final load test to establish corrected capacity. Auto-Sequence achieves results in 36 to 48 hours. As much as 50% reduction in repair & evaluation cost.

How is Battmedic different?

The BattMedic does not rely on Battery cycling to achieve results. Combined with a customer provided charger, the BattMedic will automate the charge, load test and patented repair algorithm processes with proven, pre-programmed sequences. Controls are web based and allow the operator to view activity in near real time. Operators are provided a comprehensive report upon completion of Auto-Sequence.

24/36/48v Operation

The MiniMedic is a portable, lightweight, patented, industrial battery de-sulfation technology and is powered from the battery Itself. With the MiniMedic preventive maintenance can be performed at the charging station, on the loading dock or even a parking lot. Making it perfect for field technicians.

Battery Preventative Maintenance and desulfation can significantly reduce operational cost and extend the life of the battery. Even Batteries that have lost performance from Sulfation, or are in a low state pf charge, may optimize their way back to the fullest possible battery capacity with as little as just one Treatment!

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