Featured Product – May 2022 – Landoll Bendi B30AC

Landoll Bendi B30AC

Your business is on an upswing and you’re ready to expand operations but there are two problems: First, pulling up stakes and moving to a new facility is completely out of the question. Second, your current 3,000lb forklift is limiting the storage density you can achieve due to its’ right-angle stack length, dictating your minimum aisle width requirements. Nevertheless, replacing your forklift might be the smarter decision if you’re willing to be flexible.

The aptly named Bendi B30AC from Landoll Material Handling, is a unique approach that allows you to significantly narrow your storage aisles. Instead of relying on a side-load configuration or turreted fork face, the Bendi uses a fully articulating mast to navigate into the rack. You read that right: the mast is separated from the main body of the forklift, sits on its own two wheels, and can “bend” up to 180 degrees! While your average turret truck relies on a rotating carriage assembly to support the load, the Bendi B30AC’s entire mast continues to help support the weight, allowing for higher load capacities and increased stability.

That stability comes thanks in part to the Landoll DuraSteerTM front-wheel hydraulic steering system. It includes a massive hydraulic actuator, large enough to handle steering duty while managing a full 3,000lb load. Coupled with hydraulic power steering controls, this one-of-a-kind system is designed to deliver maximum control for operators as they place and retrieve loads. This also means that unlike most counterbalance forklifts, steering is managed by the front wheels instead of the rear wheels. There’s a little bit of a learning curve involved with the change in driving dynamics, but it quickly becomes second nature and has been reported as similar to driving a car.

Landoll’s DuraSteer™ steering actuator sits between the main body and the mast assembly.

The 48v electric B30AC can move through your warehouse at speeds of up to 7mph thanks to a powerful AC motor driving the rear wheels. It can lift loads at an impressive 90fpm and bring them down slightly faster at 100fpm. Depending on your chose mast configuration, you’ll have lift heights of anywhere from 15 to 32 feet. That wide range gives you the option to field this truck anywhere from the loading dock to the high stacks.

The Bendi also comes equipped with tilt steering and an adjustable cloth suspension seat with armrest. Additionally, the seat includes a safety deadman switch that shuts the forklift down if your operator exits the seat. Overhead, there’s an adjustable heavy-duty guard to protect their head and below, AC traction controllers to keep the wheels turning.

Landoll’s Bendi line of narrow-aisle articulating forklifts give you the ability to improve your cube utilization with a unique but effective approach. If you’re interested in learning how this forklift can benefit your specific operation, contact your local Toyota Lift Northwest sales rep or go here to fill out our contact form.