Warehouse products title card
Your customers want their products quicker than ever before, putting a strain on your supply chain. If you can’t deliver for your customers, they’ll find somewhere else to take their business. You need practical solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.

With you all the way. Many operations turn to automation to keep up with their exponential demands. However, some are afraid to make the switch and don’t know where to start. What if there was a material handling expert that could tailor a solution specific to your business’ top priorities? Well, Toyota and Bastian Solutions have partnered together to provide the best advanced logistics experience in the industry!

Unlimited solutions. With automation opportunities such as Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Industrial Robotics, and Automated Guided Vehicles – whatever your operation needs, we have the solutions for you!

Increased efficiency. Automating will instantly boost your supply chain’s overall efficiency. Common outcomes from switching to automation include shorter timelines, fewer mistakes, improved employee productivity, and greater control. Not to mention you can run your operations 24/7 if you choose.

Bright yellow safety railing protecting conveyor belts
Safety Products
A mezzanine with additional storrage
A chainlink warehouse partition
An office installed on the second floor of a warehouse
Medlin Elite Ramp
Mobile Yard Ramps
A staircase with adjoining material lift
Material Lifts