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To meet that growing demand, we introduced our own private label batteries. T-Plus Batteries come standard with a watering system, direct fill link, a Bluetooth enabled battery monitor, and an industry leading 5-year warranty. We keep most common sizes in stock and even provide maintenance services for your existing batteries.

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are surging in popularity. Thanks to zero emissions, quieter operation, and a lower cost of maintenance, plugging in can be a smart choice in the long run, despite the higher initial purchase price. It’s also true that Electric forklifts have been in service for quite a while now, proving their reliability and prowess in a host of different warehouse scenarios. With fuel costs on the rise and technology rapidly advancing, a lot of companies are giving electrics a second look when updating their aging fleets.

All new battery sales now come with free annual preventive maintenance, including: 

  • Checking the Cell Voltage
  • Checking the Specific Gravity
  • Checking the overall condition of the cables, contacts, and housing
  • We neutralize and wipe down the Top of the Battery
  • Perform a Mini-Medic Battery Tune-up
  • Provide a Yearly Consumption and Usage Report


New Battery Sales – Our T-PlusTM Batteries are available in multiple sizes.

Reconditioned Battery Sales – Only the best make it into our reconditioned fleet for sale to you.

Battery Rentals – For temporary jobs we can loan you a battery.

PM Service & Repairs – We provide full PM services and we handle all sorts of repairs, from simple cable repairs to more in-depth cell work.

Fully Customizable Battery Options – If you have specific configurations or set-ups, we can accommodate you.

Recycling & Scrap Program – Have old unused batteries taking up space at your facility? We can take them off your hands.

New & Used Charger Sales – We sell new chargers and reconditioned used chargers.

Battery Desulphation – Remove the harmful built up of sulphation that shortens the life of your batteries.

Support for all makes & model truck – We can provide battery solutions for any forklift or material handling vehicle.

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Battery Testing and Repair

The BattMedic and MiniMedic can extend the life of your lead acid batteries by desulfating the batteries either through a charger or using the battery itself.

Battery repair can be performed on-site, quickly, reducing your costs and getting you back up and running much quicker.


Mini-Medic on a forklift
T-Plus Battery Chargers

Intelligent Charging System

The Intelligent Charging System can support a wide variety of forklift batteries regardless of type, brand, chemistry, voltage, or size.

The chargers include an industry-leading fast charge won’t shorten the life of your batteries. They also include smart controls and a universal control board featuring a charge algorithm designed to optimize both lead acid and lithium batteries.

B-Smart Wireless Battery Monitoring

Track your fleet of batteries performance without having to pull individual batteries for assessment. Monitor voltage, temp, and current, before charging, during charge and after charging. 


B Smart Battery Monitoring system installed
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