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It’s no secret that electric vehicles are surging in popularity. Thanks to zero emissions, quieter operation, and a lower cost of maintenance, plugging in can be a smart choice in the long run, despite the higher initial purchase price. It’s also true that Electric forklifts have been in service for quite a while now, proving their reliability and prowess in a host of different warehouse scenarios but, with fuel costs on the rise and technology rapidly advancing, a lot of companies are giving them a second look when updating their aging fleets.

To meet that growing demand, we introduced our own private label batteries. T-Plus™ Batteries come standard with a watering system, direct fill link, a Bluetooth enabled battery monitor, and an industry leading 5-year warranty. We keep most common sizes in stock and even provide maintenance services for your existing batteries.

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Battery Testing and Repair

The BattMedic and MiniMedic can extend the life of your lead acid batteries by desulfating the batteries either through a charger or using the battery itself. Battery repair can be performed on-site, quickly, reducing your costs and getting you back up and running much quicker.

Mini-Medic on a forklift

Intelligent Charging System

The Intelligent Charging System can support a wide variety of forklift batteries regardless of type, brand, chemistry, voltage, or size.

The chargers include an industry-leading fast charge won’t shorten the life of your batteries. They also include smart controls and a universal control board featuring a charge algorithm designed to optimize both lead acid and lithium batteries.

B-Smart Wireless Battery Monitoring

Track your fleet of batteries performance without having to pull individual batteries for assessment. Monitor voltage, temp, and current, before charging, during charge and after charging.