Toyota 360 Support, 365 Days A Year

The rear view of a Toyota service van with 360 support ad

Your business is riding on it

Stay ahead of the game. Don’t let your fleet catch you off guard with needed emergency repairs. Signing up your forklifts for a service plan will help prevent the suddenness of your equipment going down.

Peace of mind. No longer worry about your employees needing to complete time-consuming maintenance work and safety inspections – we’ll complete them for you! Our service plans include a lengthy list of services that will help take the weight of your fleet’s performance, off your shoulders. These services include checking the: fluid levels, mast, carriage, hydraulics, brakes, transmission, and safety features. Our programs also include replacing critical components such as spark plugs, fluids, and filters.

Toyota 360 Support When you buy a Toyota, we’re with you throughout the life of your forklift. With the #1 ranked quality forklift since 2002, we’re able to provide the most complete support promise in the industry – Toyota 360 Support. What’s more, Toyota 360 Support Plus will provide you with further confidence that your fleet will stay at full strength. 360 Support Plus includes 1 year of free Periodic Maintenance, increased warranty coverage, and guaranteed a 4-hour response time.

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