Our Director of Sales, National Accounts achieves Gold Certification

Our Director of Sales for National Accounts, Tony Morones, recently hit a new milestone in his career. He is now a Gold Certified Sales Professional with Toyota Material Handling! To become Gold Certified you have to complete all three prior levels of training, Sales Professional, Bronze, and Silver, before being able to do the Gold Level.

Each level includes special training which includes a combination of product knowledge, sales skills, warehouse systems training, and battery technologies. Within each subject the training is a combination of online, classroom, and factory training. For the final Gold training candidates go to the TMH training facility in Indiana for a 3 day course with peers from around the nation. There’s a lot of classroom training culminating in a required sales plan and presentation to the peer group and TMH managers to complete the certification.

Tony isn’t stopping there though, “I also already almost qualify for Platinum Certification. You have to have 5 years of being on the Master Sales Society, which I had 8 years in a row pre-covid and EPA shutdown, so now the only thing I need is two more years of Master Sales society to get back to 5 years in order to qualify. You also have to have 10 years tenure and a recommendation from TMH and your dealership. I’ve been with Toyota Lift Northwest for 15 years now.”

The first Gold Certified class for the Factory!