T-Plus Battery Service Launches

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are surging in popularity. Thanks to zero emissions, quieter operation, and a lower cost of maintenance, plugging in can be a smart choice in the long run, despite the higher initial purchase price. It’s also true that Electric forklifts have been in service for quite a while now, proving their reliability and prowess in a host of different warehouse scenarios but, with fuel costs on the rise and technology rapidly advancing, a lot of companies are giving them a second look when updating their aging fleets. Though maintenance requirements are fewer, concepts such as “watering the battery” or “discharge rate” can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. That’s why Toyota Lift Northwest is introducing a brand-new service, focused completely on the maintenance and upkeep of electric lift batteries. Introducing T-Plus™ Battery Services!

“Far too long we have entrusted our customers with vendors who do not share our vision of quality or responsiveness. For [Toyota Lift Northwest] to move forward, we need to stand out as a company that provides the highest level of service and product for all our customers’ needs including offering something better than the status quo in the battery world,” says Josh Hovda, manager of the new department, “We will offer our customers something different, an individually tailored solution for every need.” T-Plus™ offers every service a traditional battery company offers including preventive maintenance, repairs, battery watering and battery sales. Additionally, T-Plus™ will offer services unavailable anywhere else in Oregon and Washington.

One of those new services is Battery De-Sulfation. As a battery is used, the chemical reactions produce sulfates as a by-product. Over time this will build up on the battery’s plates and result in a significant drop in battery capacity and performance. Our service utilizes specialized equipment that can reverse and eliminate serviceable sulfation before the damage becomes permanent, restoring function in as 36 hours!

The centerpiece, however, is the T-Plus™ Battery Rental program. A forklift battery’s typical lifespan is somewhere around 5-7 years and around Year 3, the capacity and performance begin to drop off (again, due to sulfate build-up, irregular charging, under charging, etc.). The rental program’s goal is to drastically flatten that curve and keep your lifts as productive as possible. First, the program includes quarterly, on-site preventive maintenance including de-sulfation. It also includes battery watering and repairs. Second, at the 3-year mark, the battery is replaced with a brand new one! This should take a lot of the guesswork out of adding electrics to a lift truck fleet and ensure the investment yields a return.

The T-Plus™ Battery Service, featuring both in-shop and mobile technician options, has launched at our Kent location with plans to expand to our other 3 locations in the future. If you’d like to learn more about the suite of services and pricing options, contact your Sales representative today.

Learn more about T-Plus here.