Toyota Lift Northwest Now offering Landoll Equipment

Today, Toyota Lift Northwest opens an exciting new chapter in our quest to provide you innovative solutions to your unique material handling challenges. As businesses look for new opportunities to optimize their storage, they’ve always run into limitations based on the product they need to store versus the equipment needed to store it. To narrow that gap, we are introducing Landoll’s line up of Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle forklifts. Based in Kansas, Landoll Corporation, LLC has provided customers with cutting-edge solutions for over 57 years. That tradition continues with the Bendi articulating and Drexel SwingMast® lines. Let’s take a closer look at each lineup and how they can help you improve productivity and efficiency while taking advantage of better space utilization.

Bendi articulating forklifts are the first in the world to feature a 180° articulating mast. Coupled with a front-wheel steered, rear-wheel drive design, you will have unparalleled maneuverability in aisles as narrow as 72″! With available High Lift and Deep Reach options, the Bendi forklift can serve in operations that need both reach trucks and traditional counterbalanced forklifts. In turn, this can reduce the steps between unloading product at the dock and placing it in stock. Bendi forklifts are available in Electric or IC configurations and capacities up to 5500lbs.

Drexel SwingMast® forklifts take the narrow aisle solution in a different direction. As the name suggests, the mast can rotate 90° making managing long loads, such as pipe or lumber, easier and safer. In Very Narrow Aisle operations, the Drexel operates as a side loader, giving you access to aisles as narrow as 56″! As with Bendi, the versatility of the Drexel SwingMast® gives you the ability to streamline your handling process and optimize your storage space with a lift truck that’s able to unload and rack on its own. There are also “explosion proof” forklifts available. These lift trucks are specially designed for operation in flammable hazardous areas and are UL listed. Drexel forklifts are available in Electric or IC configurations and capacities up to 12,000lbs.

Landoll also features a wide variety of high-quality equipment including farm equipment, ICON construction equipment, and trailers. As a matter of fact, the Landoll logo adorns one of our very own delivery trailers.

If you’d like to learn more about these incredible machines and how they can help your business grow by allowing your aisles to shrink, click the link below to request a conversation with one of our salespeople or call us. We’re happy to help!

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