Trailer Service and Expanded Tire Service Launch

Early last year, we told you about our goal to bring you more comprehensive services and offerings to help support your entire operation. We continue to build on that goal with two new announcements for 2022:

We launched our forklift tire service back in March of 2021 and since then, we have proudly repaired and replaced over hundreds of tires. This year, we are taking the next step by expanding beyond forklift tires to cover industrial wheels and tires up to semi and trailer sizes. That means we’ll be able to help you keep even more of your fleet rolling. Our mobile tire technician for Western Washington, David Jauregui, can perform inspections, repair flats, replace tires, swap wheels, and rotate tires.

“Material handling” isn’t confined to the warehouse or even the yard surrounding it. For the average person, their most common experience is with the humble tractor trailer. They play such an important role and have a diverse range of configurations and applications, so much so that they require their own specialized service. For years, Toyota Lift Northwest had a team of technicians that specialized in trailer maintenance. Unfortunately, that service ended a few years back. Now, we are happy to announce that Trailer Repair Services have returned! Russ McKee has joined Toyota Lift Northwest to lead our new department. With over 33 years in experience as a trailer technician, he has the know-how to ensure your trailers do what they do best. Russ can take care of exterior repairs, brakes, flooring, roll-up doors, lift gates, and even DOT Inspections.

When you’re ready for help keeping your tires and trailers operating at their very best, contact us and schedule an appointment.