Toyota Material Handling’s Fall 2023 Releases

Toyota's new 48v and 80v Electric Pneumatic models have a new body style

Toyota Material Handling is constantly looking to add new innovative products that can handle your company’s unique challenges. This spring, they released a new industrial tow tractor, a center rider stacker, a side entry pallet jack, and updated the High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase Forklift. But Toyota isn’t done bringing new and innovative products to make your life easier. This fall they have introduced a brand new Tora-Max Pallet Jack, four new 48v Electric Pneumatic Forklifts, and two new 80v Electric Pneumatic Forklifts! Let’s take a look:

The breakout hit of last year was the Tora-Max Compact Electric Pallet Jack. With a footprint very similar to a manual pallet jack and a lithium-ion cartridge battery that can be charged in the jack or out (say in the cab of a delivery truck). With all the advantages of an electric pallet jack in such a small form factor, it’s easy to see why it became so popular. However, the one limitation this pallet jack has is a 3,300 lb capacity. This year, Tora-Max has introduced a 4,500 lb capacity version. This new pallet jack is powered by a 48v battery to give it that extra boost of energy for heavier lifts. It also has caster wheels to help steady those loads. The PIN panel includes an RFID reader for quicker startups. And finally, the motor is a bit larger than the one on the 2TWB33, for obvious reasons. We are now taking orders and plan to have some soon for demos.

The new 80v models are rated up to 7000 lbs load capacity

The second big announcement was the release of new 48v and 80v Electric Pneumatic Forklifts. These models range from 3,000 to 7,000 lb lift capacity and sport a new body design compared to the old ones. The new models still feature AC drive and lift motors for the most efficient and smooth operation as well as regenerative braking. For additional stability and safety, load sensing power steering has been added! Where the previous 48v models (8FBM-) stopped at a 4,000 lb load capacity, the new ones (8FBH-) introduce a 5,000 lb model. On the 80v side, the 8FB30 and 8FBJ35 will replace the previous models in the 9FBM- and 9FBH- series. There are a lot of technical changes as well so be sure to as your Territory Manager for the detail and a spec book!

If you are interested in any of these new models sound like something you need at your workplace, contact us for a quote and more information!