Planned Maintenance: What’s in it for me?


Periodic Maintenance (PM) includes a long list of operations inspections of the equipment, including:

  • Complete lubrication
  • Replacing the engine oil and filter
  • Draining the LPG Regulator
  • Checking starter and engine operation
  • Cleaning battery and terminals
  • Checking battery fluid level
  • Checking warning light and hour meter operation
  • Checking electric control panel and contact tips
  • Checking limit switches
  • Checking power steering operation
  • Checking  steer axle and cylinder
  • Checking the differential condition and fluid levels
  • Checking hydraulic control valve condition
  • Checking hydraulic tank breather
  • Check hydraulic piping
  • Checking mast operation and mast cylinder
  • Checking lift chains operation
  • Checking carriage operation
  • Checking forks and attachment operation
  • Checking brake operation
  • Checking parking brake lever operation
  • Checking brake master cylinder and fluid level
  • Checking hub and lug nuts/studs/wheel condition
  • Checking tire condition and air pressure
  • Air blowing forklift
  • Checking lights and horn operation
  • Checking seat and seatbelt condition


Just like a car, forklifts require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate at their peak performance. If you are hoping to keep your forklift in operation for many years, you may want to consider signing it up for a periodic maintenance plan.

Our Technicians are trained to identify items that need attention. Checking your equipment on a reoccurring basis allows us to make recommendations and repairs before any identified problems get worse.

Getting on a periodic maintenance schedule is also convenient. We work around your schedule to send a Technician to your site at a time that works best for you. These regular checkups will prevent inoperational forklifts when you need them the most. Now you will have the opportunity to spend time running your business instead of worrying about unpredictable break downs.


On  LPG forklifts, PM’s should be completed every 250 hours. On Electric forklifts, PM’s should be completed every 500 hours. In harsher operating conditions, consider getting PM’s completed more frequently.

For more information and to get current rates, reach out to our Service departments.

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