Tips to Lengthen your Forklift’s Lifespan

Equipment isn’t cheap–trust us, we get it. Since you are paying good money for top of the line products it’s important to ensure you get your money’s worth. Here is a list of ways to lengthen your forklift’s lifespan.

1.) Train your staff

Before someone uses the equipment, it is important to read up on the owner’s manual. Learning the in’s and out’s of how to operate machinery will help staff understand basic use. Avoiding crashes and collisions, improper loading and unloading, and tip-overs will help keep the forklift undamaged, allowing the machinery to operate for longer periods of time.

2.) Don’t abuse the battery (electric forklifts)

Did you know that you should stick to a schedule when charging the battery? It is unhealthy for battery life when you charge the equipment after each use. As a good rule of thumb, a battery should be charged when it has discharged more than 30%. Charging the battery using this method instead of when convenient will extend the number of cycles in its lifespan.

3.) Get your forklift regularly serviced

Keeping your forklift on a regular maintenance schedule helps address little issues before they become major problems. If your forklift is not running at its best every step of the way, your forklift’s lifespan will deplete. Eventually leading the forklift to stop running all together. Even if you think your forklift is operating perfectly, it is important to keep maintenance appointments with your local Technician. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your forklift in pristine condition.

Regular inspections can improve your forklift's lifespan

4.) Remember to regularly change the oil

Just like your car, it’s important to change your forklift’s oil regularly. Old oil can lead to a buildup of sludge or can cause corrosion in the engine, leading to catalytic converter failure. Plan to get your oil changed every three months to keep your forklift’s engine in tip-top shape. At TLNW, we can replace your engine for you! Just give us a call!

5.) Be mindful where you store your equipment

Did you know the way you store your forklift has a major impact on its lifespan? Keeping your equipment stored in a clean and dry area helps prevent rust and oxidization issues with the battery. Storing in a dry area also helps prevent moisture from getting into electrical parts, which can cause major problems.

Following these basic tips will keep your forklift in great condition, extending its overall lifespan. Feel like your forklift might be at the end of its use? Click here to check out our fleet!