Why is Planned Maintenance Necessary?

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Your forklift works hard, and you should want to keep it working hard for as long as it can. This is why planned maintenance can be so important. Planned maintenance (PM) isn’t just for the forklift, it’s for you! When you use PM for your forklift , there are many benefits. Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider PM.

  • It Relieves the Stress of Surprise Breakdowns
    • When you are regularly scheduling maintenance for your forklift, it may lead to early detection of a potential maintenance need, offering peace of mind.  You’ll also see benefits when you use a certified Toyota technician who utilizes Toyota Genuine Parts. When your forklift is secure and fully inspected, there is going to be a less potential mechanical failure. PM makes sure that you are getting that inspection and catching potential problems. It is better to catch these small issues with a PM program than it is to catch them after they have already become a larger issue
  • It Helps Reduce Operating Costs
    • One of the most expensive costs associated with owning a forklift is downtime. If you have a maintenance plan that makes sure your forklift is in top shape, you will benefit from more uptime. This can also increase the lifespan of your forklift! The other way it helps save money is by not having to employ an onsite forklift mechanic. You will also have the option to pay by the month, which can make budgeting for you maintenance more predictable.
  • Better Trade Value
    • Another benefit of using a PM program is that it will help when it comes time to sell the forklift. If the buyer knows you have had the forklift inspected with a PM program, it shows that you have taken care of the machine. And like we mentioned earlier, replacing Toyota Forklifts with Toyota Genuine Parts helps increase the lifespan, and makes sure the forklift is running for as long as it can.

The Toyota 360 Promise

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If you really want a deeper look into PM, ask your Toyota Certified Dealer to see the inspection forms they use so you will have a better understanding of what PM inspection entails. And remember, signing up for Toyota 360 will get you a year of Planned Maintenance to make sure your forklift is running like a Toyota.