Huge Electric Pallet Jack Sale Announced

We have covered Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack (model 8HBW23) before. It’s able to lift up to 4,500 lbs and features host of features designed to make maneuvering huge loads a breeze. From “pinwheel” capability for right angle stacking to a “click to creep” function, you can count on this pallet jack to place product with confidence.

Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack side view

We’ve also talked about the Tora-Max line of pallet jacks and their updates for 2022. The brand-new Tora-Max Compact (model 2TWB33) features a Lithium-Ion cartridge-style battery that’s easy to swap out and charge, a u-shaped fork design, and the ability to lift up to 3,300 lbs. The redesigned Tora-Max Walkie (2TWB40) can lift up to 4,000 lbs. and now comes equipped with an integrated battery charger, sealed maintenance-free batteries, and entry/exit rollers.

Tora-Max Electric Walkie Pallet Jack side viewTora-Max Compact Electric Walkie Pallet Jack side view

All three are well suited for work in distribution centers, the food and beverage industry, manufacturing or any business that needs to move product safe and efficiently. Having the option to charge them from a standard 110v outlet means you don’t have to invest in installing dedicated charging units. The simple, ergonomic design makes them comfortable for extended use and ensures they’re easy to operate. From stockroom to storefront, these three electric pallet jacks can make it look easy.

And now Toyota Lift Northwest is offering these amazing jacks at amazing prices from now through October 31! Choose the Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jack for $3,999, The Tora-Max Electric Walkie for $2,999, or the Tora-Max Compact Electric Walkie for just $1,999. That’s savings up to $1,000 off MSRP. You won’t find that price anywhere else so make sure you contact your local Toyota Lift Northwest sales professional or fill out our request form, and one will contact you.