A Face to the Name: Meet Paul Beigh

Customer Service Sales Representative – Clackamas

January 2021 Featured Employee – Paul Beigh

Paul joined the TLNW team a year ago. As the Customer Service Sales Representative he said “what motivates me is providing different solutions to cliental issues related to forklifts, maintenance and warehousing”. Being in sales for 20 years, he believes that everything has been moving with the forklifts from houses to the everyday food items and he is of the firm opinion that the forklifts keeps the world moving.

A normal day for Paul is constantly generating new leads and resolving problems encountered by clients, he mentions “Sometimes customers call me up because their forklift is broken or they need services. In addition, I also”. Along with existing business he also creates new business opportunities by visiting warehouses and he specifies “I help customers to run their business smoothly, creating paths for forklifts and helps with warehousing solutions, tap into preventive maintenance”.

Toyota has recently got into racking and tyres business which has opened new avenues for Customer Service Sales Representative. Paul said “The main focus is to keep growing business and making sure to answer queries, this keeps the relationship going strong.”

Covid-19 has brought the entire world on the virtual platform, Paul mentions scheduling the meetings, determining the request and limiting the unnecessary people are the changes in the virtual conversations. During calls he said “We hear voices but miss the hands shakes and eye to eye contact”.

Paul in his spare time spends time with kids and family, loves watching NFL football and movies. He goes hiking with family and sister who lives in Northwest Pacific region of Washington. He also likes helping, training and developing skills in individuals in the industry.

At TLNW he is keen at communicating to the right people, answering and making certain he is available to the customer requests. Paul makes it a point to be specific, agile and accessible to the clients and he said “I make sure I answer the calls, be available and be consistent; making sure I’m available to the customer and study the realistic expectation and don’t over or under deliver”. Paul adds “What works for me is clients knows I’m reachable and what’s happening, this makes the client happy and they are willing to refer you and continue the relationship”. He is constantly contacting clients, keeps his calendar updated and follow up’s the lead, this surely makes him a meticulous and diligent Customer Service Sales Representative at TLNW.