Leadership Spotlight: Josh Hovda

Josh Hovda

Josh Hovda leads our operations in Chehalis, Washington, directly overseeing our newest division, T-Plustm Batteries. Under his leadership, this new division has grown rapidly to provide power solutions to customers across the Northwest, Idaho, Montana, California, and parts of Mexico. He also manages the Customer Service Support Representatives, a team dedicated to helping you understand your equipment and keeping it in tip top shape.  Josh has been with Toyota Lift Northwest for over eight years and loves the work he does! With all the different hats he wears, he is rarely standing still but we found a moment to get some questions answered.

Where did you get your start at Toyota Lift Northwest? I got my start in the industry as a technician. When I started with TLNW it was for a CSSR position.

What’s your favorite part of working here? The people. knowing that I am working alongside individuals who share the same dedication, and desire to be the best in the industry makes any challenge, no matter how big it may be, 

Any advice for someone starting out in this field? Take pride in what we do as a company because what we do is important. 99% of everything we own, or buy was transported on a forklift. If we were not in operation people would not get food, clothes, or even lifesaving medications.

What are you looking forward to in the next few years at Toyota Lift Northwest? Continuing the growth to become the number one Material Handling company in Washington and Oregon!

When is not working, he’s sleeping. He told us. However, when he has extra time, he wrenches on cars and builds hot rods.