Featured Product for October: Mid IC Pneumatic


This forklift is designed to be durable, safe, and strong, making even the hardest jobs look easy. With the versatility to work in eight industries, the strength to lift up to 11,000 lbs., and the durability to last over 10 years, our featured product, the Mid IC Pneumatic is the ideal tool for many outdoor workplaces. The variety of industries include paper, retail, lumber, factory, and more!


What makes the Mid IC Pneumatic so durable? Externally, the fully steel stamped side panels and LED headlights increase the lifespan of the forklift, minimizing costs. Internally, the moisture-resistant electric connectors, engine protection system, and EPA/CARB certified engines keep the forklift running for a long time. With gasoline engines, the Mid IC Pneumatic is 20% more fuel-efficient and the diesel engines are 30% more fuel-efficient – a step above the competition. With these durable features and proper maintenance, you can easily expect 10+ years of life.


Not only is the Mid IC Pneumatic durable, it is well known for its strength. Its max lift capacity ranges from 8,000 to 11,000 lbs., ready for the most demanding jobs. The strength of the Mid IC Pneumatic is complimented by its speed. Both the gas and diesel versions of this forklift can travel over 13 mph. With the optional Tier 4 diesel engine, this midsize forklift has further increased power and performance, not to mention decreased emissions. Performance is further improved by its pneumatic tires, which are optimal for rough and uneven terrain. The Mid IC Pneumatic is a workhorse with the strength to get the job done wherever you need.

Featured Product Mid IC Pneumatic


Along with durability and strength, this forklift has features that increase overall safety. Fitted with the Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS), it detects potentially dangerous situations and engages the right safety features. Among these features is Active Mast Control, which limits forklift tilt at various mast heights and weight loads. Additionally, the Operator Presence Sensing System ensures that the driver is properly seated before the forklift can move. Safety is always #1 and like all other Toyota forklifts, this is evident in Toyota’s Mid IC Pneumatic forklift.


In addition to the standard features, the Mid IC Pneumatic has a variety of optional accessories to suit your needs. The optional LED headlights increase visibility and last longer than standard lighting. EZ Pedal and mini-level controls with ErgoShift make forklift operation less strenuous on the operator. Work with your TLNW Representative to find the turnkey solution that best fits your work environment!

Overall, the Mid IC Pneumatic forklift is prepared to serve all of your mid-capacity outdoor needs! Learn more here or give us a call today!