Featured Product – Jan 2021 – Large Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Forklift

Meet your heavy duty indoor solution.

Featured Product - Toyota Large IC Cushion ForkliftThis month’s featured product, the Toyota Large IC Cushion Forklift, isn’t just strong, it’s smart. Built to navigate 13- and 14-foot aisles while providing almost 20 feet of lift. It can carry up to 15,500 lbs. while moving at 13 miles per hour. With 84 horsepower Toyota engine designed for harsh environments and is powered by gas or LPG fuels. The Toyota Large IC Cushion Forklift has high productivity and low operating costs. That’s one powerful combo. Think paper mills, steel, manufacturing. Now think about that same engine producing more power and consuming up to 20 percent less, made to use less fuel and produce fewer emissions.

Alternate Versions

The Large IC Cushion can be retrofitted into both the Box Car Special and the Paper Roll Special forklift models. The Boxcar Special incorporates a vertically higher counterweight to navigate in tight railcar spaces while maintaining a high lift capacity. The Paper Roll Special is equipped with the correct hydraulic needs for a paper roll clamp, enabling the forklift to stack and maneuver heavy paper rolls with the Cascade paper roll clamp.

Comfort and Safety

Toyota Large IC Cushion forklifts can be a budget friendly alternative to electric. Fitted with System of Active Stability (SAS) and Active Mast Control (AMC) which responds to load weight and adjusts tilt protecting the operator, also reduces product and forklift damage. Designed for rugged indoor lifting applications, the Large IC Cushion has wider seats with no hip restraints for easier entry/exit than competitors. In addition, it’s improved ergonomics includes dash-mounted instrument display, load-sensing power steering, dash-integrated amenity tray and oversized cup holder. It is wielded, roll-formed overhead guard pillars provide maximum operator protection with improved entry/exit and load visibility. Mast hosing is tucked away, overhead guard bars are oriented for maximum visibility, and the mast cross-member doesn’t block your view of the fork tips.

Additional Features

The integrated monitoring system, adjustable headlights with guards, LED headlights, controller area network (CAN-bus) communication and LCD multi-function display makes Toyota Large IC Cushion Forklift a 360 degrees heavy-load indoor solution. Toyota Large IC Cushion forklifts are durable, high-lift capacity forklift used primarily indoors and in specialty applications such as retail, lumber yards, stone or brick distribution, heavy-duty manufacturing, shipping and freight, and various warehouse applications. Fuel efficient enough to save you money while boosting productivity. The Toyota Large IC Cushion forklift is built to last and to handle your toughest loads. And because it’s a Toyota — proven the most dependable, reliable and safe line of forklifts you can buy — it’s also a smart choice.

By the numbers

  • Up to 15500lb Capacity
  • 84hp engine
  • Up to 13mph
  • 20ft Lift Height
  • Navigate 13-14ft aisles

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