Featured Product – Aug 2021 – Drexel SL40AC

There are a lot of material handling equipment options out there purpose-built for very specific jobs; you might have short mast forklifts for unloading product from trucks, a reach truck to take that product and stock it and for working with long objects like conduit or pipe, there’s the side-loader. Those purchase and operating costs could start adding up really quick. Fortunately, the Landoll Company has solution. The Drexel SL40AC gives you the versatility to handle a wide range of material handling scenarios, from standard lift operations to side loading to the narrowest aisle work.

How it works

The SL40AC and its siblings, the SL30AC and SL50AC, are front-wheel drive, rear-wheel steer forklifts in the 3000 to 5000 carrying capacity range. Their unique design allows them to navigate very narrow aisles with ease. How narrow is “very narrow” when it comes to a forklift? Try 60 inches! It sounds crazy but the Drexel has a not-so-secret weapon that makes this all possible: The SwingMast ®.

The mast assembly is designed to rotate up to 90 degrees, allowing it to make the tight turns that usually require the entire truck to complete. This also gives you a Reach Truck-like capability when handling loads. Where a reach truck would move the carriage towards the load using a pantograph, the Drexel SL40AC moves the entire mast towards the load, maximizing the stability and load capacity. Additionally, this truck has an offset cab, so it can also function as a Side Loader, allowing you to handle long items safely. It’s like having three different lift trucks in one!


The innovative features don’t stop at the SwingMast®. The SL40AC and its siblings come standard with independently driven front wheels and dual rear steering to further enhance maneuverability. There’s also an optional wire guidance system for safe operation at high speeds, regardless of aisle width. To control wire guidance, as well as hydraulics and directional, operators have a single multi-function joystick placed ergonomically for maximum comfort. Meanwhile, the standard hydrostatic power steering gives you sustained and reliable control. This series of trucks are electric, running on a 48-volt system. They use AC and hydraulic motors and Curtis AC controllers to reduce the needed maintenance and increase efficiency. A roll out battery tray is available to max charging and swaps for multi-shift ops. You also have the option to outfit the truck for cold storage conditions.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Drexel SL40AC or any of the other Drexel and Bendi lift trucks, contact your friendly sales team at Toyota Lift Northwest. They have the knowledge to help you customize your lift truck fleet for your unique situation.

By The Numbers

Model Capacity (lbs) Power Source Triple Mast Lift Height (in) Quad Mast Lift Height (in) Storage Aisle Width (in)
w/ 48″ L x 40″ W load
SL30AC 3000 Electric 272 312 60
SL40AC 4000 Electric 360 312 60
SL50AC 5000 Electric 374 315 60