5 Must-Have safety items for your lifts

June 8th is Forklift Safety Day, a day to highlight the safe operation of forklifts and material handling trucks. It’s a day to emphasize the necessity of good operator training. It’s a day to talk about maintenance checks you need to do every day. We here at Toyota Lift Northwest absolutely support Forklift Safety Day and we know that it’s not a one-day-a-year event in practice. It’s something you need to check and improve constantly. Part of that involves inspecting and replacing damaged and worn-out safety equipment. If they aren’t in proper working order, it can be just as bad as not having them at all. Here are the top 5 safety items you need for your lifts:

5. Safety Lights

Flashing lights *always* mean something important is going on. While they can mean someone scored a goal or you just hit the jackpot, they’re an easy way to tell someone to get out of the way (or “pull over” uh oh). That’s exactly why you want flashing safety lights on your lift. In a busy, distraction filled warehouse, sudden bright lights can catch a worker’s eye and get them to stand clear.

4. Horn

Lights work well, but only if someone is looking in the right direction. Tall, pallet laden racks and other obstacles can easily block someone’s line of sight, leading to unsuspecting co-work walking right into the path of an oncoming forklift. That’s where a quick blast of a horn can come in handy. The loud beep will warn anyone that you’re there, giving them time to stop and look.

3. Back-up Alarm

Some days, it can be hard to tell if you’re coming or going and the same can be said for your lift. While it’s true you can tap your standard horn while you’re backing up, they typically require you to manually engage it. The back up alarm sounds automatically and with a sound distinct from the horn. This is especially important when there are people in close quarters to you or your own rearward visibility is limited.

2. Fire Extinguisher

A vehicle fire is never good but with forklifts, it can become a catastrophe. With their fuel (electric or gas) sources located below or behind the driver, the risk grows exponentially. A good fire extinguisher can help suppress flames before they get out of control, saving lives and lessening damage to the truck itself. It’s important to choose the right extinguisher for your vehicle and periodically check to ensure it’s properly charged. If it’s taken one ding or dent too many, it is probably best to replace.

1. Seat Belt

We can’t stress enough how important it is to utilize your seat belt. Even if you are in and out of the seat multiple times, it is vital that you buckle up each time you sit back down. There’s always a chance of a mishap and it is much, much safer for your to be secure in the cabin than falling out and possibly under your forklift. Regularly inspect for you seat belt for abrasions, frays, or cuts. If you find them and they can’t be repaired, it’s time to replace it.

As a part of Forklift Safety Day, we’re offering 15% off the list price of the above safety items, both Toyota Genuine AND Aftermarket brands. Contact the Parts Department at Toyota Lift Northwest and our experts can help you select the safety equipment guaranteed to fit your specific lift, regardless of make or model.