Parts on your Forklift that need Replacing on a Schedule

Components on a forklift need to be checked and replaced at regular intervals beyond the obvious things like fuel filters. Obviously, there are tons of parts that go into building a forklift and at some point, some of them may break. However, there are parts that are meant to be replaced after a certain period of time that you may not think about.

Top 7 for Electrics

  1. Power Steering Hoses & Rubber Parts
  2. Reservoir Tank Hose
  3. Wheel Cylinder Rubber Parts
  4. Master Cylinder Rubber
  5. Chain
  6. Hydraulic Hose
  7. Swing Lock Cylinder (SAS)

Top 7 for IC

  1. Power Steering Hoses & Rubber Parts
  2. Master Cylinder Rubber Parts, Wheel Cylinder Cap, & Seals
  3. Fuel Hose
  4. Chain
  5. Reservoir Tank Hose
  6. Hydraulic Hose
  7. Swing Lock Cylinder (SAS)

Power Steering Hoses and Rubber Parts

The power steering hoses, and rubber parts keep the steering from weaking but they can only do that if they are intact. Replace them every two years.

Master Cylinder Rubber Parts, Wheel Cylinder Cap, & Seals

The wear to these parts could cause the brakes to fail. The rubber that makes up these parts starts losing integrity at around 2,000 hours or 12 months.

Fuel Hose

In IC Forklifts the fuel hose must be changed every two years. This will prevent any number of fuel leakage related issues.


The chain of a forklift is arguably one of the most important components of a lift and it does degrade. After 3 years, the chain has flexed beyond acceptable limits, meaning that it could cause damage to property or people.

Reservoir Tank Hose

Damaged reservoir tank hoses can allow brake fluid to spill from the forklift. This can cause the brakes to lose effectiveness or cause them to fail altogether. Replace your reservoir tank hose every 2 years.

Hydraulic Hose

A degraded hydraulic hose could potentially cause an accident by allowing oil to spill on the ground. This can result in damage to the load or to people in addition to the lift. Replace the hose every 2 years.

Swing Lock Cylinder

Every 10,000 Hours you should replace the swing lock cylinder. This will help prevent the failure of the locking mechanism due to internal wear and degradation. This applies to all forklifts.

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