How to Optimize Your Warehouse Storage Efficiency

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As industries continue to evolve and grow, warehouse and storage spaces becomes more critical. Traditionally you may have expanded your warehouse and storage spaces laterally but with today’s economy, it has become more popular to expand upwards. Expanding your warehouse and storage spaces upward allows you to maximize the utilization of your current footprint while minimizing costs. The question then becomes, how are you going to best utilize this space for maximum productivity and efficiency? Do you have the equipment necessary to store the heavier loads in taller racking?

Reach Higher

Expanding your warehouse upwards can present challenges for your current equipment. Depending on the weight and size of your products, your existing forklifts may not be capable of lifting loads as high as you need them to. Toyota’s High-Capacity Reach Truck can assist in optimizing your warehouse so you can place goods in the most efficient storage locations. With a High-Capacity Reach Truck, you can reach heights up to 45 ft. That provides an additional 15 ft. of lift height compared to a standard Toyota Reach Truck. When reaching higher, you won’t have to sacrifice your view with a view-through carriage and overhead guard. Toyota’s High-Capacity Reach Truck is also available with an optional camera system and lift height indicators to assist with storage and retrieval accuracy at high heights.

Reach Heavier

The High-Capacity Reach Truck can lift loads as heavy as 4,500 lbs., giving you the versatility you need to optimize your warehouse. With the High-Capacity Reach Truck being able to lift 2,150 lbs. up to 42 ft., you can put those heavy loads up higher, leaving room down low for faster moving SKUs. The High-Capacity Reach Truck features a 7” touchscreen display that puts key information, programming, and diagnostics right at the operator’s fingertips. These features include a display of approximate load weight to assist in efficient moving from pick to pick.

Providing you with the versatility to store your products where they make sense instead of where you can reach, the High-Capacity Reach Truck reduces your limitations in various industry applications. To learn more about Toyota’s High-Capacity Reach Trucks and optimizing your warehouse, contact your local Toyota lift truck Dealer.

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