Winter Forklift Safety

Originally posted 2016-12-21

Though we don’t get snowed in, a Pacific Northwest winter brings rain showers, chilly winds, and occasional flurries that we need to prepare for. For most people, this means servicing their cars and stocking up on groceries. For the business owner, though, this means preparing their forklifts and warehouse. There are many things to do before, during, and after forklift operation in harsh rain and wind to ensure a safer experience.


  • Check the weather conditions before operation so you can dress appropriately
  • Secure the chains and tires on your forklift
  • Determine if your outside lighting is bright enough for clear visibility
  • Test the lights on your forklift. Consider upgrading to LED Forklift Headlightsfor widened visibility and longer light lifespan
  • Top off your fuel and fluid if necessary
  • Warm your forklift for optimum functioning of the engine and hydraulics system
  • Attach a cover to your forklift to keep dry and warm. If you don’t have one already, consider a ClearCap or Atrium Full Forklift Enclosure
  • Consider prepping your warehouse with Non-Skid Floor Coating. The coating prevents equipment and pedestrians from slipping on wet tire tracks on the warehouse floor


  • Don’t drive faster than the conditions allow
  • Stay focused and avoid potential distractions
  • Take all of your breaks to rest your eyes and mind so you can better concentrate
  • Stop working if the conditions become too treacherous


  • Store your forklift in a safe and dry area
  • Follow a good service and maintenance routine
    • Perform load tests
    • Follow OSHA-required annual inspections
    • Have operators report any discrepancy on their daily check sheet

As long as you prepare for harsh weather conditions, you will be able to keep your operators and equipment safe.

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