Toyota Lift Northwest Supports Local Food Bank

A lot of food banks in the area are absolutely dependent on the support of their local communities and naturally that comes in the form of the food they provide to those in need. Unfortunately, that means other areas of the operations are critically underserved, including the equipment they use to move supplies in the warehouses for loading and offloading. If a piece of vital equipment fails, it can slow down or halt the ability to get meals and other aid to the people who need them the most.

This year, Toyota Lift Northwest decided to lend a helping hand by donating Tora-Max pallet jacks that will either replace aging machines or supplement them. Our Sales Specialist Henderson Ducasse and Territory Manager Scott Moberly worked with the Auburn Food Bank to get them a much needed equipment upgrade as they work to move to their new larger facility.  Debbie Christian, executive director of the food bank said this:

“We, as a business, have been blessed by your generosity to help us get into our last stages of moving to a new place! Your help will change the landscape of our work!

More importantly…what you have done, and do, is continue to help so many that you don’t know their names or anything about them…but you continue to reach out! Through your giving to us you are touching those who are unseen!”

Toyota Lift Northwest is humbled by these kind works and thankful for the opportunity to assist in The Auburn Food Bank’s mission.

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