Meet the Rental Staff

Our Rental Department is based out of our two largest branches, Kent and Clackamas, but serves our entire region. We keep rental units at each branch based on the kinds of jobs and needs in each region. So, Medford and Mount Vernon might have different forklifts and material handling equipment available from Lakewood or Redmond. That isn’t to say we won’t transport equipment to support your job wherever it is. That’s where our team in the rental department comes in. Their combined experience can help you find the right combination of equipment for your specific job. You can learn more at our Rental Department page.

Meet the team:


Liz – The Rental Manager for Washington joined us this year after working in various positions in the industry for the past nine years. She is constantly focused on growth and development personally and professionally. And she’s proud to work for Toyota as part of such a dynamic team.


Renae – Serving as Liz’s right hand in Kent, she has been indispensable to the success of the department. She is new to the industry but has taken to it like she’s been doing it all her life.


Cassie – She is also new to the industry she is thriving. Cassie is eager to learn and has developed into a capable sales professional in her own right.


Jorge – He has been in the industry for about 18yrs now, and he loves to help customers and do his best to respond to customer needs asap. He knows how much it can cost being down a lift. We have great team and they are ready to assist.


Irene – She is Renae’s counterpart in Oregon, helping Jorge handle everyone’s unique needs. Also like Renae, she is brand new to the industry and has learned a lot in a short time.


Kwang – Overseeing the entire rental program, he is the least visible member of the team but still fairly active. He has been at Toyota Lift Northwest for over 30 years and even sits on the Toyota Material Handling’s Quality Engineering Group, helping to guide improvements on products.