Featured Product: Core IC Cushion Forklift

When work needs to get done, our featured product, the Core IC Cushion Forklift is there. Able to carry over three tons while moving at 10.9 miles per hour, the Core IC Cushion Forklift is a powerhouse. Not only is it powerful, it also significantly decreases the chance of rolling. The Toyota exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) senses potentially dangerous situations, such as tight turns, and engages the appropriate safety features. Active Mast Control (AMC) limits tilt with heavy loads. The Operator Presence Sensing System senses how an operator is seat-ed, and impacts movement pow-er accordingly. To alert those around to when the forklift is moving backward, the Core IC Cushion has optional reverse blue lights and back up alarms. Overall, the strength and safety features in the Core IC Cushion Forklift can help make work environments safer and more productive.

The protection offered by the Core IC Cushion Forklift is just the beginning. The heavy load it can carry in conjunction with its slim frame makes it a versatile tool. The Core IC Cushion Forklift has lift capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,500 lbs. It can also fit into aisles as narrow as 12 feet. The cushion tires provide a smaller turning radius than pneumatic tire forklifts. A Core IC Cushion Forklift has the strength and maneuverability to be a multi-purpose tool in a variety of industries including distribution, paper, retail, factories, and more.

Our July Featured Product, the Core IC Cushion Forklift

The comfort and ease of use of the Core IC Cushion Forklift cannot go unmentioned. With a 4-way, adjustable, vinyl, full-suspension seat, a non-cinching seatbelt, and low-wide entry steps, operators can say good-bye to awkward, uncomfortable forklift use. Additional ergonomic features included in the Core IC Cushion make it an easy and comfortable fork-lift for operators to manage.

The Core IC Cushion Forklift can change the way a workplace is run, not just due to its helpful features, but also because it is an investment that pays for itself.As with all Core series Toyota Forklifts, the Core IC Cushion Forklift is assembled in Columbus, Indiana, and receives the best parts with the best care.

This forklift is fitted with a low-maintenance battery, a fully sealed air intake system, plate-iron front fenders, and much more to enhance its durability. For serviceability, the Core IC Cushion Forklift has an easy-lift engine hood, no-tools required floorboard, dash-mount-ed brake fluid level check, and more. As a result, if it needs service, it can be done quickly and easily. The trustworthy nature of the Core IC Cushion Forklift combined with reliable Toyota service will save a workplace time and money. Lower repair costs combined with high durability ensures that the Core IC Cushion Forklift will be worth every penny in the short and long run for a company.

As one of the most popular forklifts in America, the Core IC Cushion Forklift is changing the way work is done. The safety, durability, and comfort it provides can make workplaces more efficient, safe, and financially responsible. If you’d like to learn more, or schedule a demo, contact us online or call 253-872-7114 in Washington or 503-657-6900 in Oregon.