Featured Product March 2023: AUSA D100 Series Dumpers

AUSA forklifts and telehandlers get a lot of well-deserved love for the amount of power they pack into a narrow footprint. However, there is another line of products from AUSA that deserves love: the Dumper. Essentially, “miniature” dump trucks, these vehicles can serve smaller municipalities on construction projects. They can also be found at garden centers or nurseries moving plants and dirt, and anywhere else you need something carried from one place and dumped elsewhere.

The smallest of AUSA’s dumpers is the D100 series and it comes in 3 variants depending on your operational needs:

-The D100AHA is the standard model.

-The D100AHA Compact takes the already narrow D100 down to 39 inches wide. Narrow enough to fit through some doorways.

-The D100AHG switches out the high unloading system for a rotating system. This feature makes it easier to unload the dumper along a line, such as filling a ditch.


No matter which version you choose, they are articulated, so you have incredible maneuverability. The AUSA D100 series uses the Kubota D1105-E4B engine, good for 21 horsepower and 71,4@1600 of torque. That pushes these little dumpers up to 9 miles per hour and gives them the ability to climb grades up to an impressive 38%. The load capacity on these dumpers is a little bit over 1 ton. If you’re looking to haul water, that’s about .42cu ft .

The D100 is approximately 43 inches across.
The D100 is 43 inches wide but you can go even narrower with the AHA Compact for a track of 39 inches


The D100 series comes with a front folding ROPS protective structure with the option to switch that out for a rear folding version or a version with a protective roof. They also come standard with a rotating beacon and acoustic warning for the reverse gear. Additionally, there’s an anti-vandal system included to prevent any unauthorized use. As with most AUSAs, these feature an all-in-one joystick to handle all the skip functions.

There is also a new optional feature that allows you to monitor this and the rest of your fleet all from your computer or mobile phone. Dubbed AUSAnow, the system will allow you to anticipate potential problems and handle them before they become big problems. You can view and create dashboards to help you make decisions about your fleet. You can even set and schedule a security perimeter for each vehicle. If it moves outside of that perimeter, AUSAnow can send you an alert so you can respond quickly. You can even add AUSAnow to your existing fleet of AUSA vehicles.

The AUSA D100 series can help your city, farm, or nursery move more efficiently no matter the terrain. With a load of useful features, these or any AUSA Dumper makes a smart addition to your work fleet. If you’d like to demo an AUSA or just learn more about what they can do for you, contact our sales team.