Featured Product – August 2022 – AUSA C150H Rough Terrain Forklift

AUSA C150H moving soil bags at a Garden CenterThe Farwest Show, the Pacific Northwest’s largest green industry show, happens this month and Toyota Lift Northwest will be there to showcase our services and some exciting products. One of those products we’d love to show you comes from AUSA’s rough terrain forklift line-up, the AUSA C150H and Hx4. This little forklift is the perfect fit for anyone who needs a little more muscle and the ability to traverse a variety of surfaces such as a nursery or light construction.

C150H climbing a rise with lumber

The Specs and Performance

The AUSA C150H is the smallest of their line of Rough Terrain Forklifts and is rated for loads up to 3,000 lbs at 24”. It measures just 4.25 ft wide and 12 ft long from rear bumper to the tips of the 39.4 in forks. That’s roughly the size of a small compact car, though slightly narrower. True to its rough terrain nature the C150 gives you 8.25 inches of ground clearance, similar to an off-road capable SUV while the Hx4 model bumps that up to 9.45 in. There is no rut, berm or curb that can slow you down.

Power comes from Kubota’s V1505-E4B engine, mated to a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission. It touts 24.8 hp and 68 ft-lbs (at 1700 rpm) of torque, enough to get up to 12.4 mph and climb up to 25% grades with no effort. There’s no risk of rollbacks or unintentional moving, thanks to the standard transmission brake.

You control the action from a well thought out cabin that provides you with a nearly 360-degree view (save for the smokestack) around the truck. The back end also slopes downward to give you the best line of site while you back up, to avoid any low-sitting obstructions.
AUSA C150H Carrying a tree
This forklift has a standard 8.7 ft duplex mast with an FEM II fork carriage that is upgradeable to a triplex mast that will go up to 13.2 ft. Side-shifting comes standard as well and you have the option to include a 4th valve for implements such as a tipper.


Like all other AUSA models, all controls outside of steering are managed via an all-in-one joystick. This reduces the amount of hand and shoulder movements needed to complete repetitive tasks. Better still, a plush arm rest is positioned behind the joystick to make it even more comfortable for those long workdays. If those long workdays include inclement weather, you can choose to partially or fully enclose the cabin. In the fall and winter, work sometimes starts before the sun’s up, so you can add working lights and/or road lights as well. For safety, the C150 H does come with a rotating beacon standard.

To recap, the AUSA C150 H is a great pick for those who need a compact, highly maneuverable forklift lift capable of lifting up to 3,000 lbs and navigating uneven terrain. It has the power and comfort features to give you through the workday, whether its on a farm, a nursery, or a light construction site. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact your local Toyota Lift Northwest Sales representative, contact us online, or visit us August 24-26 at the Farwest Show!