Toyota Launches MyToyota Portal

You have made a lot of requests for an updated customer portal to help you keep track of your fleet and Toyota Material Handling has delivered in a big way. The new MyToyota Portal gives you an unprecedented look at your equipment that will allow you to make more informed decisions about vehicle placements, maintenance, equipment orders, and more. For now, let’s take a brief overview of some of the features.


When you log in, your customizable dashboard will show you stats on your equipment such as: Number of Units (by location if applicable), Average age of equipment, Financed equipment, and new equipment orders.

Your customizable dashboard when you first login.


If you’re eligible for the MyFleet option, you’ll have further information about each piece of equipment and you’ll be able to transfer equipment to a different location, remove that vehicle from the fleet and schedule service. Curious what equipment options were added? They’re listed here. Need to look at the manuals? They’re here too.

Have a complete view of your fleet with MyFleet

Where’s My Order

If you wanted to track the status of an order, sometimes you had to make phone call after phone call or track down the email chain with the information you needed. Now MyToyota gives you to ability to track all of your orders from the factory to your floor. The “Where’s My Equipment” feature should be similar to anyone who has ordered anything online.

Keep track of your equipment orders with MyOrders


Fleet customers will have access to the Service Management module. From here, you’ll be able to pull up invoices, payment histories, and find a breakdown of repair codes and types. You’ll have quick access to statistics that you need to identify potential issues and forecast costs.

Check invoices, diagnoses, and even check payment histories.

In the future, MyToyota will link up to MyInsights, Toyota’s new Telematics tool as well as MyQuotes. We’ll post more about these tools as they near release.

MyToyota will empower you by giving you the info you need right at your fingertips. If you want to go in depth with MyToyota and get registered, speak with your local sales person or contact us.