Featured Product – Nov 2021 – AUSA T144h

There’s a lot of work to do on a small farm, from loading crops after harvest, to cleaning stalls. While you could have an entire fleet of vehicles and tools for each job, sometimes it’s better to have one that can do just about all of it. Meet the T144H Telehandler from AUSA, leaders in rough terrain equipment.

Clean-up is much easier with an agile telehandler


The AUSA T144 is a miniature marvel, strong and versatile to tackle most tasks in a form factor small enough to fit nearly everywhere. How small is the T144? It has a wheelbase of 7ft 10in and measures just 12ft long with forks, small enough to qualify for Compact parking. Weighing in at just 5,570lbs, it’s also light enough to place on a standard trailer, making it easier to load up and deploy at distant sites. Additionally, it has an amazingly tight turning radius of 117in. To put that in perspective, it is as maneuverable as your average ATV.

Transporting the T144h is very easy


The T144H is no slouch in the performance department either. Equipped with a Kubota V1505-E4B engine, this telehandler boasts a little over 68lb-ft of torque and 24.8hp. Combined with the 4×4 system and generous ground clearance, this AUSA can handle everything from mud to snow to rocky terrain with relative ease. Responsible for heavy lifting is the Taurulift hydraulic boom. Operating at a working pressure of 3480psi, it can fully stretch up to 13.1ft and out 5.5ft for easy stacking. However, lifting the max load capacity of 3,000lbs at a 24in load center shortens that lift height to 11.1ft. (If you need a little more muscle or stretch, look to either the T204H or the T235H.)

The versatility begins to blossom when you take advantage of the endless number of attachments compatible with this telehandler. This is all thanks to the optional quick coupler with a 5th hydraulic line. Need to move soil and load it in the back of a truck? Attach a multi-function shovel. Is it time to rearrange barrels in the cask room? Switch over to the Barrel Handler attachment. The possibilities are endless.


Inside the cabin, you’ll find a very user-friendly setup. From your perch in the ride cushioned, adjustable seat, you have easy access to all major controls, including climate controls if you opt for the enclosed cabin. All boom and fork controls are contained on the All-in-one joystick, positioned just in front of a cushioned armrest. Thanks to AUSA’s smart design of the overhead guard and the layout, you have a 360-degree view around vehicle, which is much safer for everyone involved on a worksite.

AUSA Telehandlers are the perfect machine for small construction and agricultural jobs thanks to the compact footprint and the wide range of tasks they can handle. If you’re ready to try one out on site, contact your nearest Toyota Lift Northwest sales pro. They’ll set up a meeting to learn more about your business and how the T144h will benefit your operations.