Featured Product – Feb 2022 – New Order Picker Lineup

Order fulfillment operations have been on the rise for several years now and so has the need to optimize it inline with storage needs. What once could be handled with a cart or a pallet jack (and a step ladder) and a team of highly motivated individuals, now needs equipment that can handle new heights and long distances that would wear out even the most caffeinated picker team. We recommend deploying Order Picker equipment and we’re going to look at Toyota’s original 8-Series Order Picker as well as two new entries: The Furniture Order Picker and the Low-Level Order Picker. With three different models and a host of customization options, including guidance systems and fork lengths, you can be sure you have the right equipment solution for your situation.

Order Picker

The 8-Series Order Picker has long served warehouses and fulfillment centers and for good reason! Featuring a 390 in lift height that it can reach at speeds of up to 80 feet per minute, it’s not hard to see why it’s a clear choice for a lot of companies. As you step onto the operator platform, which is only 7.75 inches off the ground, you’ll notice how everything is designed to make the workday as comfortable as possible, from the bubble cushioned floormat to the ergonomically designed multi-function control handle. To reduce further fatigue as much as possible, the 8-Series features an anti-rattle mast with cushioned staging and stops. Less shaking and jarring movements keeps the operator in control and able to focus on the task at hand and when lifting up to 3,000 lbs. attention is key.

If you want to boost operator productivity even more, you have the option of adding rail and wire guidance systems. This assists the driver maneuver in narrow aisles confidently so that rack impacts are virtually. Additionally, you can add on Lift Logic to monitor the speed and lift heights and optimize both for smoother operation.

Furniture Order Picker

When you have products that are larger and bulkier than a standard Order Picker can manage, the new Furniture Order Picker is ready to step in. It has the same standard features as the standard Order Picker: AC drive and lift motors, UL “E” rating, ergonomic multifunction handle, programmable performance, etc. The key difference is that it sports 42-inch-long forks (with the option for other lengths) with “pallet clamps” that can accommodate different platforms or carts. With these and the proportionately long ductile iron base legs for stabilization, unconventional loads up to 1,600 lbs are no longer a problem.

Low Level Order Picker

And now for something a little different. While it looks like a run of the mill Center-controlled Pallet Jack, this one has a trick up it’s sleeve. Built for situations where you need an order picker but don’t require the heights available on the others, the aptly named Low Level Order Picker is worth a look. The operator platform is capable of lifting up to 47 inches, giving you easy access to the third or fourth level of racks. It also has an attached tray for temporary pick placement. Thanks to its Pallet Jack DNA, the Low Level Order Picker can carry loads up to 8,000 lbs.

The Low Level Order Picker has a few other neat tricks you’ll find useful. It’s able to travel while elevated and use the lift/lower controls simultaneously. For example, there are several picks on the third shelf but the next is on the second and then back up to the third. Your operator can position themselves in route to the next pick without the need to stop, reposition, and continue. Lowering the platform can also be performed hands-free; with two quick taps of the pedal in case their hands are full.

All three of these amazing trucks can be a game changer when it comes to improving your operational workflow. Faster picks can lead to a higher volume of fulfillment and stimulate even more growth! If you’re ready to move forward, contact us and we’ll help you determine which Order Picker is right for you.