Featured Product – July 2022 – High Capacity Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift

We’ve talked about large forklifts before, but what happens when the jobs are even larger? The Toyota Heavy Duty lineup is the answer. This line-up of forklifts and container handlers are built to manage loads all the way up to 125,000 lbs. Just like last month, when we covered the Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic, we’re going to talk about the core forklift in the THD division: the High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic.

While it’s really not fair to call any THD “small”, the HC Core is the smaller of the two High Capacity Pneumatics, with a carrying capacity of 22,000 to 30,000 lbs. You’re most likely to find these trucks in “heavy” industries; moving timber and lumber, hauling concrete, carrying metals, or working at mining operations.


Under the hood, the HC Core Pneumatic is powered by a torque-y Cummins 4 Cylinder Diesel, married to a Dana TE-10 electronically controlled powershift transmission, that cranks 520 lb-ft at 1500 rpm and an equally impressive 173 hp. All that power will move this forklift at up to 17.9mph with load, making trips across the yard a LOT quicker. The massive 6 pneumatic tires can easily be brought to halt with the help of force-cooled wet disc brakes. A forced cooling system dissipates the massive amount of heat generated when stopping under load by pumping hydraulic fluid into the housing and back out again. In fact, the entire forklift is kept cool with a high-capacity cooling system featuring an open-core radiator.

You can lift loads as high as 244 in at a load speed of 87 fpm thanks in part to a Dual pump “full flow”, on-demand load sensing hydraulic system with 2-function hydraulic control valve (lift & tilt). The tilt cylinders themselves are mounted as low as possible to give your operators a better field of view.

HC Core IC Pneumatic Forklift loading lumber onto a truck


This forklift is made to perform almost exclusively outdoors and is outfitted to make sure the operator is as comfortable as possible. The fully enclosed cabin shields the driver from inclement weather while the standard heating and air conditioning protect them from the cold or heat respectively. Because the areas the High Capacity Core Pneumatic operates in isn’t always so smooth, the seat has an air ride suspension to soften the bumps and jolts. It still comes equipped with all of the ergonomic features you’ve come to expect from Toyota: fingertip controls, tilt steering, and a 7” touch-screen multi-function display are all standard. There are some interesting additions however, because the cabin is enclosed, you’ll find a dome light in addition to the other lighting surrounding forklift. You’ll also find USB charging ports and an AM/FM/MP3 radio with speakers.

Multi-function touchscreen on the High Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

Safety and Support

Performing preventive maintenance on a forklift this large looks intimidating, but Toyota Material Handling has you covered there too. The entire cab tilts to the side by 65° so that you can access the engine and other components easily. Panels and doors are made to be easily lifted/opened and filters are easy to reach. Even the brakes can be serviced externally, as opposed to pulling the entire wheel.

Tilted cabin on the forklift for maintenance access

Safety remains a top priority in the High-Capacity Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift. As always, it comes with high visibility orange forks so that others can see where you’re working. Meanwhile, the cabin, mast and even the body are designed to give your operator as clear a view of their surroundings as possible to help them avoid collisions and mishaps. The Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS) is present to prevent accidental movement of the forklift or the load if the driver is not seated.

When your job has a heavy duty challenge, get it done with the High Capacity Core IC Pneumatic. It’s powerful enough to tackle most industrial applications including lumber, steel, and automotive backed by Toyota Material Handling’s legendary reliability. If you’re ready to get it done, contact your local Toyota Lift Northwest sales representative, or contact us online.