Featured Product – June 2022 – Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift

Toyota IC Pneumatic Forklift moving lumber

As Internal Combustion forklifts begin to arrive at dealerships, we thought it might be a great time to revisit one of our most popular models: The Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift. For decades Toyota’s Core IC has been and continues to be a reliable workhorse for worksites that need a forklift capable of handling work both in and outdoors. From construction, to lumber, and even seafood processing, these forklifts are ready to take on everything from rough weather to rougher roads.

Why is it called the “Core”?

Of three models in the IC Pneumatic line-up, which includes the “Mid” (8-11k) and “Large” (13.5-17.5k), the Core model is technically the “smallest” with lift capacities from 3,000 to 6,500lbs. That’s hardly “small” but it *IS* the core capacity range for a lot of users. Get it?

Complete versatility

There are a million different ways to configure your Core IC Pneumatic. With 12 different base configurations, multiple mast and for options, accessories and your fuel choices of LP, Dual Fuel, Diesel, or CNG you can make your forklift work exactly the way you need it to, where you need it to.Toyota IC Pneumatic in dirt floor warehouse


No matter how you customize your forklift, it’s going to give you everything it has. At full load, the 51-55hp engines will get you up to a max travel speed between 10.3 and 11.8 mph with the lift speed topping out at 131 feet per minute so you can get more work done, quickly. The basic right angle stack ranges from 91.9 inches for the 3,000lb trim up to 112.4 inches for the 6,500lb version.

Safety at its Core.

Toyota SAS BadgeThe Core IC is designed to be stable in any situation thanks to Toyota’s System of Active Stability TM (SAS). This suite of technologies works to identify and prevent unsafe conditions that could injure the operator or damage the equipment and product. Forward tilt angle control & rear tilt speed control work automatically to prevent tipping or dropping the load on the operator. Automatic fork leveling reduces the need for the operator to make constant adjustments by tilting the mast so that the forks remain parallel to the ground. This also makes it much easier to move the forks in and out of a pallet without snags or drags. Side to side tipping is reduced thanks to an innovative Swing Lock Cylinder that can lock the rear axle to help adjust the center of gravity. In addition, the Core IC sports a rugged mast channel that limits mast deflection, improving stability and load placement accuracy at height.

There’s a reason why Toyota’s Core IC Pneumatic is a top seller. From it’s impressive performance to the nearly unlimited customization options and innovative safety features, this forklift is a MUST HAVE for any operation. If you’d like to learn more about this and the rest of the IC Lineup, contact your local Toyota Lift Northwest sales professional today.