Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack Maximizes Warehouse Productivity

Originally Posted on ToyotaForklifts: March 28, 2023 Read Time: 4 mins Subscribe

Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack

Have you ever heard the saying, “good things come in small packages?” As you probably know, the size of something does not always properly indicate its value. The same is true for warehouse equipment. You don’t necessarily have to have the largest, most powerful lift truck to have a productive and efficient operation.

In fact, Toyota’s new Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack is a petite powerhouse designed to take your warehouse productivity to the next level. Not convinced? Discover the key features of Toyota’s Enclosed End Rider and how it can help maximize your warehouse productivity.

Advantages of The Enclosed End Rider

Power Steering

Toyota’s Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack is designed with power steering, which helps to lessen the amount of operational effort, leading to improved output and comfort shift after shift.

Steel Enforced Ductile Iron Undercarriage

Designed with a steel-enforced undercarriage and stainless pins for reinforced strength to handle the heaviest of loads, the Enclosed End Rider is the perfect lift truck for delivering an impeccable performance so you can get the job done. Additionally, this lift truck comes equipped with a lift height travel interlock option that helps to reinforce proper operator training to keep the forks raised when traveling over docks and uneven surfaces by limiting travel speeds when the forks are lowered.

Programmable Performance Settings

This powerful lift truck also comes equipped with programmable performance settings to allow you to program various levels based on your operator’s experience level. This way, your operators can feel comfortable and confident operating the forklift through your warehouse.

AC Drive Motor

In addition to power steering, the Toyota’s Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack also comes equipped with AC Drive Motors. The AC Drive Motor delivers precise and controlled travel for better acceleration, quiet operation, and overall smoothness of travel, so you can experience increased uptime and productivity shift after shift.

Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Toyota’s Enclosed End Rider features a patented lithium-ion battery that ensures not only reliable power delivery but also faster charging times. This advanced technology contributes to reduced downtime and overall improved efficiency in your warehouse operations. 

For more information on additional advantages of the Enclosed End Rider as well as other new Toyota warehouse products, don’t hesitate to reach out to your authorized Toyota Forklift dealer