Featured Products October 2022: End Controlled Rider Pallet Jacks

Electric Pallet jacks are a no-nonsense upgrade from the standard manual pallet jack, taking over the heavy lifting and assisting with the movement of product. But what happens when your space continues to grow and the distances that jack needs to travel increase? Transport runs less than 50 feet are manageable with a walkie pallet jack. But when those distances become “across the warehouse” or “8 hours of order picking”, you might see diminished returns as your workers tire out. For long distance horizontal transport, picking, or vehicle loading/unloading, end-controlled rider pallet jacks are a smart upgrade.

Our Featured Product End-Controlled Riders

Let’s take a closer look at this month’s featured products: the End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack and the new Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack.


No matter which model you choose, you have two capacity levels available: 6,000 lbs. and 8,000 lbs. Both have a 24-volt battery delivering power to an AC Drive system. At full load, you can move at approximately 6.5 mph while self-adjusting disc brakes bring you to a halt. These pallet jacks also have available Cold Storage options, which protect components from the extreme temperatures and condensation. That includes silicone-coated wire terminals, galvanized frames, and buttons that are easier to use while wearing gloves.  

Key Differences

The most obvious difference between the two pallet jacks is their operator compartments. The End-Controlled Rider looks like Toyota’s Large Electric Pallet Jack with small platform extending behind the handle. That handle controls all steering and lift controls just as it would on a walkie pallet jack. On the other hand, the enclosed end rider has a compartment similar to a stand-up rider forklift. The pallet jack handle is replaced by a steering wheel and joystick combo while a foot pedal manages propulsion.

Due to the bulkier frame, the Enclosed End Rider, can only manage an 8% gradeability compared to the End-Controlled Rider. Depending on the configuration, the Enclosed End Rider’s basic right angle stack distance jumps to 184 in. However, what it loses it maneuverability, it gains in operator comfort. There are multiple padded lean points inside the platform, including the back and knees.

Despite all their similarities, the distinctions serve to highlight how these pallet jacks are deployed. The End-Rider is well suited to jobs where the operator has long transport runs but constant dismounts, such as picking. On the other hand, the Enclosed End Rider user is behind the wheel for longer amounts of time as in dock-to-stock operations.

Would you like to learn how these End-Controlled rider pallet jacks can benefit your worksite? Contact our sales team today to discuss your situation and schedule a demonstration.