Featured Product November 2022: Bendi B3/30AC

We’ve talked about two of Landoll’s unique forklift options before, first the Drexel SL40AC and then the Bendi B30AC. As you may know by now, Landoll specializes in forklifts designed for narrow aisle situations, either through side-loading (Drexel) or via an articulating mast (Bendi).  Let’s explore the Bendi B3/30AC, a 3-wheel articulating forklift capable of lifting 3,000 lbs.


Like other forklifts under the Bendi brand, the B3 has the signature articulating mast. This one happens to sit on top of a single large poly tire. The narrower front profile allows the mast to have a range of motion of approximately 220°! That allows your operators to find and adjust for the perfect angle of approach on loads. It also gives them unprecedented maneuverability while navigating a warehouse.

This diagram shows the 220 degree articulation of our featured product, the Bendi B3/30AC.
The single wheel up front allows for an amazing amount of articulation

That maneuverability is further dialed in thanks in part to the Landoll DuraSteer™ Front Wheel Hydraulic System. It provides the operator with smooth steering and positioning control, even while under load. To ensure the front wheel stays firmly planted no matter which way it’s pointing, Landoll equips the B3 with the LandActive traction control system. LandActive provides additional control during lift operations by also limiting the truck’s speed based on the steering angle.

This is an electric forklift powered by a 48v battery on an AC system. It uses Curtis controls to manage hydraulics and traction control. Both can be monitored from the Interactive LCD status monitor mounted in the cabin.

Performance and Specs

The B3/30AC’s narrow profile (45 inches) and mast articulation will allow you to work in aisles that are only 72 inches wide. That’s right. just 6 feet, if your load doesn’t exceed 48”x40”. The truck can reach speeds of up to 5.5mph while loaded and 6mph while unloaded. Meanwhile it can lift loads at 90 feet per minute and bring them back down at 100. The B3 has a ground clearance of just 3 inches and can manage grades of 5% while loaded, so it’s more comfortable staying indoors.

The Bendi B3/30AC performing in a narrow aisle

If you’re planning on increasing the storage density in your warehouse, the Bendi B3/30AC lets you optimize further than ever. Speak with our sales team to find out if the B3 is right for you.