Featured Product – Sep 2021 – AUSA C251H

The AUSA C251Hx4

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to choose between having a forklift or a tractor. Both are valuable in their own right, but struggle beyond their purpose. For example, you can lift with a tractor, but the weight capacity is significantly less than that of a forklift and load adjustment is almost non-existent. Meanwhile, a typical forklift struggles on uneven ground. If you need something that can bridge the gap between the two, it’s time you consider the AUSA C251H and C251Hx4 Rough Terrain Forklifts.

The AUSA C251 sits near the middle of AUSA’s range of line-up terrain forklifts, which range in lift capacity from 3,000 lb. to 11,000lb. This particular model is capable of carrying loads up to 5,000 lbs. to heights of 17.88 ft. To put that in perspective, the average bin of apples can weigh approximately 1,000 lbs. and a pallet of sod can reach up to 3,000 lbs. When it comes to maneuverability, the C251 is a super star! With a track of just 5.8 ft wide and a turn radius of 120 in., it can slip in and out of orchard rows with ease. The big advantage over a tractor outfitted with forks is that this is a fully functional forklift, meaning it has all of the features you’d expect: mast tilt, side-shifting, and inching pedal all come standard. The ability to carefully position loads quickly and safely can save you time and money. Additionally, you can utilize forklift attachments such as Rotators, Shovels, Snowplows, and Bin Dumpers, allowing you to customize the forklift for jobs year-round.

While a traditional pneumatic tire forklift is great for some outdoor work, they aren’t without major limitations. Because of smaller tires and low ground clearance, they are better suited for flat, semi-improved surfaces. The AUSA C251 forklift, however, is built to handle the unpredictable terrain away from the roads. Clad in 38 in. tall front tires and 27 in. tires on the rear, the forklift has almost 14 in of ground clearance. That gives you a gradeability of 25%. If you opt for AUSA’s FullGrip® 4×4 system, you’ll get 30 in. rear tires, improving your gradeability to 38%!

The cabin of the C251H is designed for comfort and ergonomics. The GRAMMER air-cushion seat is adjustable and absorbs vibrations and impacts from the road surface. The arm rest leads to an all-in-one joystick that controls the mast and fork functions with additional function buttons nearby. Up front, the steering wheel features tilt and telescopic adjustments as well. Mounted on the steering column just below the wheel, a color digital display put real-time info and diagnostics at your fingertips. And to top it all off, you have the option of having a fully enclosed cabin with climate control!

Powered by Kubota’s V2403-CR-E5B 4-cyl, naturally aspirated engine, mated to a hydrostatic transmission. You can expect 41.8 hp and 117 lb-ft of torque and it’s rated Stage V – EPA Tier 4f, meaning it meets the strictest standards for off-highway diesel engines. The hydraulic, sealed multi-disc brakes give you superior stopping power and hill holding to prevent roll backs.

Toyota Lift Northwest is proud to carry this impressive lineup of equipment, which also include telehandlers and dumpers. The AUSA C251H packs power and comfort into a compact package that can go almost anywhere, whether it’s nurseries, farms, orchards, or construction sites. Call or fill out our contact form today to learn how the AUSA Forklift can significantly improve operations at your business.