New Product Sneak Preview

This September, Toyota Material Handling surprised us by announcing 22 upcoming models across Classes 1 & 2. While some of these are model refreshes, there are quite a few brand-new trucks joining the Toyota line-up. We’re very excited to give you a first look at some of the new lift equipment rolling out from Toyota in the coming months.

New Electric Pneumatic Forklifts

Toyota has always been a leader in offering more eco-friendly material handling options for both indoor and outdoor operations. With the addition of these new forklift models, Toyota is giving you trucks that match the capabilities previously exclusive to the Internal Combustion Forklift line-up, allowing you to electrify your entire fleet and reap the long-term cost savings they provide.

48V Electric – The pneumatic electric line has only been available in 80v configurations, requiring their own charging infrastructure. If you already have an indoor electric fleet but sometimes need to venture outdoors, these new light-duty lifts and integrate with your existing fleet and charging set-up. They feature lift capacities ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 lbs, wet disc brakes for superior stopping power, and an ergonomic armrest with mini-levers.

Large 80V Electric – Until now, our largest electric pneumatics topped out at 11,000 lbs. This is covered most light & medium duty jobs but left heavier jobs out in the cold. The newest models will now push that capacity range up to a whopping 17,500 lbs, matching that of the Large Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklifts.

Stand Up Rider Forklifts

The most-versatile indoor forklift gets even better with the introduction of the High Performance model. It bumps the capacity up to 5,000 compared to the Base model’s 4,000 lbs and switches from a DC Lift to AC, improving the lift speed and responsiveness.

Reach Trucks

A must-have for narrow aisle operations in distribution centers and warehouses, the reach truck series gets a host of upgrades. The maximum lift height increases to 372”, up from 366” and the baselegs are now constructed of ductile iron. This material is impact and fatigue resistant, ensuring stable support for loads throughout the life of the truck. The new reach truck also sports a new 7” touchscreen display and options for fore/aft or sidestance.

Multi-Directional Reach Truck

This reach truck is a game changer. With the ability to move in laterally, as opposed to turning the entire truck, you can decrease the width of your aisles when handling long loads. Not to be confused with a Side Loader forklift, which is fixed to a single side, the multi-directional reach truck can still operate as a standard reach truck and pivot easily to handle both sides of the aisle. You have the option of carriages from 8.5 ft to 15 ft wide and can handle loads up to 22 feet long and up to 4500 lbs.

Furniture Order Picker

As the name suggests, this order picker is well-suited for furniture warehouses. However, it’s suitable for any other picking situation that frequently deals with large or irregular shaped items. The extra long forks can accommodate specialty carts, providing palletless handling up to heights of 366 in for loads up to 1,600 lbs. It also includes a pallet clamp, 7 in touch screen and your choice of 24v or 36v.

There are a few more surprises coming your way, but you’ll have to wait until November. If you’re interested in learning more about these products contact your Territory Manager, contact us here.

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