Featured Product – Apr 2021 – Core Electric Forklift

If you are limited on space but big on capacity demands, then you need the Toyota Core Electric Forklift in your fleet. This lift truck is more than capable of tackling most general warehouse tasks and is packed with features that make it incredibly efficient and reliable. Watch this quick introductory video and read on to delve into what makes the Core Electric Forklift at great choice for your worksite.

Running on emission-free and quiet AC power also allows the Core Electric to work in places where IC forklifts are generally unwelcome, such as food and beverage applications. It’s not only friendly to the environment, but to your warehouse crew as well. By featuring intuitive controls in an ergonomic layout, a memory tilt steering column and adjustable seat, it will feel like it’s custom fitted to each driver. On top of that, the Toyota Core Electric includes power steering, vibration dampening, and a heavy-duty non-slip floormat; designed with the goal of reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

Available on most of our forklifts since 1999

Speaking of safety, this lift truck is equipped with Toyota’s System of Active Stability™ (SAS). The system is comprised of two systems that monitor lateral and longitudinal stability and helps to prevent tipovers. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer System will lock the rear axle in order to increase the lift truck’s stability footprint while the Active Mast Function Control System tracks forward and rear tilt controls.

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Save aisle space with this unique lift

Thanks to their more compact design, electric forklifts are already great for situations where space is at a premium and the Core Electric is no exception. Able to maneuver in spaces as narrow as 11 feet in its base configuration, you also have the option of choosing the Compact model which features shorter battery compartment and tighter turning radius. For really tight quarters, you want the Core Electric Turret Forklift. This variant allows you to lift and stack from a 90-degree angle, in aisles only 7 feet wide!

Reach your batteries with ease

The Toyota Core Electric Forklift is built to be reliable, efficient and easy to maintain. You have easy access to components such as the hydraulic motor and AC Controllers. The Toyota-designed AC Motors are brushless, reducing wear and increasing the power delivery. It also features THREE different forms of energy regeneration, extending the time between recharges. The Core Electric is equipped with a multifunction display replete with a self-diagnostics tool and analyzer, so you catch issues before they become crises as well as a planned maintenance indicator.

We’ve only scratched the surface of everything a Core Electric Forklift can do for your jobsite. If you’d like to learn more, check out this section of our website or speak to one of our knowledgeable sales professionals. They can help you determine the perfect configuration suited for your specific application.

By the numbers

  • Load capacity: 3,000 – 6,500lbs
  • 9 – 11.5 MPH Travel Speed
  • Length to Forkface: 79.9 – 91.3 in
  • Overall Width: 41.9 – 43.7 in
  • Max Fork Height: 278 in

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