Tips on Improving Warehouse Layout

Having your warehouse strategically designed can help improve your overall efficiency, making it easier to get more work done. Get the most out of your warehouse space with these tips on how to improve your warehouse layout.

1.) Make designated areas

Having specific areas for different tasks allows for easy flow of production. Designating specific areas for certain tasks such as in processing, out processing, packing, and shipping throughout your layout will help make work more efficient and precise.

2.) Shorten your aisles

Long aisles might look like an efficient way to organize your warehouse, but it actually makes it a harder space to maneuver around. Having to go down long aisles to retrieve materials takes time. Keeping your aisles shortened not only allows workers to find product at a quicker pace, it also allows more paths to be created to navigate your machinery down. Having more short aisles will lead to more productive work days.

3.) Inventory your layout

Pay attention to how quickly new items are getting stocked or retrieved for shipment. Store items using a numerical system that groups items together and preps them for shipment. Consider utilizing bins for organizing product and make sure that pallets are easily accessible. The more efficient your inventory layout, the more productive your employees will be.

4.) Utilize a Warehouse Management System

Having and using a warehouse management system can streamline processes, leading to higher workplace productivity. Visibly knowing where product is located allows for easier management. Management systems also allow users to track inventory, letting you know when to re-order product when stock is depleted. Using a system can improve your warehouse layout by showing which products need access to more frequently, allowing you to place these products in areas with easier access.

5.) Use up all available space

Run out of room on the floor? No problem! Utilize vertical space by adding taller storage units or racking. Square footage costs money, so you can save money and optimize your space by stacking product. Make sure you have the proper order picking equipment to easily access product that is stored high.

6.) Consider adding a floor

Not interested in having high stacks? Adding a mezzanine floor to your layout can add more usable space to your warehouse. Both the space on the additional floor and the space beneath can be utilized for storage or other purposes. Adding a floor helps utilize the vertical space available in your warehouse.

Implementing some of these ideas might help your warehouse function more efficiently, allowing your employees to work at a quick, productive pace. Need the equipment to optimize your warehouse layout? Check out all of our warehouse layout and design solutions!