Featured Product for December – Electric Reach Truck

Our featured product, the reach truck, navigating a warehouse aisle with a load.The Toyota Electric Reach Truck is built for productivity. Its AC powered drive system and hydraulic system give it more time on the floor and less time charging. With 2,500 lb. to 4,500 lb. lift capacities, it can carry what you need, even to the highest shelves. The Reach Truck includes over 500 engineering advances that help increase its efficiency and durability.

The Reach Truck is prepared to take on compact workspaces. It is built for optimal maneuverability, allowing operators easy navigation down narrow aisles. There are both single and double reach options for accessing racking systems up to 30 feet tall. The optional mast lift switch allows two pre-set lift heights to be programmed, automatically raising the forks to the height of the racking. This option will save you time, increase productivity and limit damage. Furthermore, the optional AccuLaser Fork Guide helps align the forks with the pallet, even with the mast fully extended.

Operating the Toyota Electric Reach Truck is simple and comfortable. The low 9 inch step, cushioned knee pad, and bubble cushioned padded floor mats help operators stay comfortable for longer periods of time. The high-visibility overhead guard helps operators move with more certainty. For operator convenience there is an integrated clipboard, cup holder, and amenities tray. The interactive digital display allows programmable travel, acceleration, lifting/lowering, and reaching/retracting speeds. Giving the operator more control of the reach truck. Other additions to the reach truck are the height and tilt indicators, which provide quick data on how the mast is positioned for added safety. Mast cushioning softens mast transition when lifting/lowering for a more stable load. All of these features work together to make the Reach Truck comfortable and convenient for operators to use.

The durability, efficiency, and low cost of ownership of the Reach Truck will make it one of the most valuable assets in your warehouse. With a Periodic Maintenance plan to keep your lift in great condition, your Reach Truck can spend more time on the floor.

The versatility of the Toyota Electric Reach Truck makes it a great fit for a variety of industries. You are sure to see a boost in your productivity with this great piece of equipment! The Reach Truck could be the perfect solution for your warehouse needs!